Keith and the Commish at the Ballpark

We had a great time Saturday at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas, to see the Frisco Rough Riders (Texas League AA affiliate of the Rangers) squeak out a 2-1 victory over the San Antonio Missions. (Keith on the left, me on the right. Yeah, I know, he looks like he doesn't want to be there. Chalk it up to the 100 degree heat, and the fact that I stuffed him full of bad Tex-Mex food before the game.)
Typical of minor league baseball, it was cheap ($10 per ticket) and our seats were fantastic, third row from the field, just down the left field line from the Rough Riders dugout. The bullpen is so close to the dugout, the players can just about throw a baseball back and forth. Unfortunately (for the bullpen) there is no phone system, so the manager just stands on the top step of the dugout, to signal who he wants warming up.

Being at a minor league game gives you a whole new perspective on the game. These kids look so young! (That's because they are young, dummy.) And yet they face major leaguers now and then coming into a rehab assignment. Second, It's amazing how hard it is to follow a fly ball in the pale blue evening sky, like you see in the picture of Keith and I.
The Rough Riders' left fielder quickly became a fan favorite by throwing balls to the kids. Near the end of the game, he caught a fly ball to end the inning, and he brought the ball to a five year-old girl in front of us.
Keith and I did talk a little baseball though, and talk about ATC. I've wondered why the poll on your favorite broadcaster has only gotten three votes, and Keith gave me a few things to think about. First, many of the guys I mentioned, he had never heard of. Second, he noted that I left out Joe Morgan, and Mel Allen: good points. During the ESPN game last night, it occurred to me that I like Orel Hershisher an awful lot as a color guy, but probably not "the best."

Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.


  1. I love the minors. Not counting spring training, i've seen only three MLB games in the past 11 years (2 Rays games and one Marlins game) and i don't miss it.

    As for the announcer poll, i haven't voted because i really have no favorite announcer who is not Ernie Harwell or George Kell or Paul Carey. When I lived in Jersey I found Phil Rizuto amusing on Yankee broadcasts. Same w/ Hawk Harrelson on ChiSox TV. But I can't say either is a favorite. All the network announcers (McCarver, Morgan, Miller, etc.) seem to talk too much while saying nothing. If you ever vote on worst announcers, however, I nominate the Joe Garagiola-Tony Kubek tandem .

  2. I agree with Tom about loving the minors. I do love going to Tiger games, but it is so damn expensive and then people are more interested in food and so there is a non ending parade blocking your view. Tickets to Mudhen games are only $9 and from where I live I get get to Toledo almost as quick as detroit, plus the bar across the street has free parking. I am seriously thinking about pursuing buying some games to mudhens next year and forgetting the tigers -- let's face it we already know half of the Mudhen team.

  3. Chuck, my brother in Sterling Heights is constantly going to Toledo, so if you want to build a coalition to buy some season tickets, you can talk to him. Bit of a commute for me though.
    Next poll: Tigers' worst trades. If you have any further thoughts, give them to me now guys!

  4. worst trades:

    Chris Hoiles to Orioles for Fred Lynn
    Ron LeFlore to Expos for Dan Schatzeder
    Ben Oglivie to Brewers for Jim Slaton