Baseball Statistics, part 2

While I was watching the Tiger game last night, courtesy of the Baltimore feed, they kept flashing a graphic about the odds of scoring four or more runs in the ninth inning with one out. The stated odds of such a feat is 6.88%. I am thinking that they must have compiled this stat before Rodney became our closer, because he certainly makes the last inning very interesting (although he must be doing something right, since he has but one blown save.)

In your opinion, what closer is/was most likely to induce cardiac arrest? The shock can be incurred by either the loyal fan or the grumpy manager.


  1. For a cardiac-arrest-inducing Tiger closer I nominate Todd Jones.

  2. The Tigers haven't had a sure fire, slam the door shut closer since Willie (sorry, Guillermo) Hernandez in the mid-80s.

  3. our bull pen is always suspect. Jason Grilli aidos and I could name so many more.

    The good ones were hernandez, and senor smoke (lopez). I also was confident with John Hiller, but am noit sure if he had that good of a record or just that he overcame such great odds after suffering that heart attack. Henneman wasn't bad

  4. Damn Rodnet scared us again tonight. When it was all over Rod Allen said, "He do what he do and it aun't pretty, but at the end of the game they are all shaking hands.
    Go Tigers