Rod Allen - a true diamond in the rough

Last night as I watched the Tiger victory, I realized how much I do enjoy Rod Allen. He really knows the game inside out and, more importantly, he is able to communicate the intricacies of baseball to someone of much lesser knowledge, ME. In my 57 years I have listened to countless broadcasters. Of course, Ernie was the best. But I have to admit that Rod really is enjoyable to listen to and learn from. As a player, Kaline was the best. However, as a broadcater, I found Al very dry and unable to convey the message. Many times Rod describes the play before it happens. So I just wanted to say cudos to Rod and to get your take on it.

How many other broadcasters have we heard, both in baseball and other sports, local and national. How many ex-jocks? Perhaps Gregg could do one of his infamous polls. Harry Carey, Tony Kubek, Curt Gowdy, George Kell, Paul Carey (no relations to Harry - lol), Van Patrick, remember how lousy risz and fizz were when they replaced Ernie, Jim Price, Dan Dickerson, can't remember the insurance agent's name who did U of M football and how partial he was, Frank Beckman, John Madden, Al Michaels, Howard Cosell - I could type for an hour, just trying to stimluate some thoughts from all of you.


  1. Bob Ufer was the ultra-partisan announcer who did UM games. I never liked him, but of course I never liked the Wolverines either.

  2. I always enjoyed Ken "Hawk" Harrelson and Tom Paciorek (from Orchard Lake St Mary's) when they did White Sox games in the '90s. I believe Hawk still calls the action but Paciorek has left.

  3. Jack BUck was another goodie. JIm Domzal sent an email talking about Jimmy Piersal and how much he drank while on the air. I think Larry Soerenson was fired by the Tigers when he worked with Frank Beckman for the same reason.
    Bob Uker from the Brewers.