Just to Clarify the poll...

the last option listed to the right in our poll this week included 9 players (not all easily visible on the poll.) The Tigers received Juan Gonzales, Danny Patterson and Gregg Zaun in exchange for Gabe (The Babe according to my daughters) Kapler, Frank Catalanatto, Francisco Cordero, Bill Hasselman, Alan Webbas (?) and Justin Thompson.

The Tigers hoped to re-sign Juan to a long term contract, he said no way unless they moved the fences in the new Comerica Park in. They didn't, and after just a year, he signed with the Indians. (Of course, they eventually did bring in the fences.)

Pound for pound, it was a pretty bad deal.

(For future reference, if you haven't notice yet, when my answer runs into the totals so that you can't read the answer, you have the option of sliding your cursor over the copy, and the rest of the answer pops up. As they used to teach us in Catholic grade school "it's one of the mysteries."

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