Time to shed a tear?

Gregg, as much as I hate to say it - you were right. Even with the win today, the Tigers were officially eliminated from the Central race. The Tigers just did not have the horse power. IMHO, the injuries to Maggs and Inge doomed the Tigers. Coupled with the skinny pitching staff, the team just could not mount a charge.

What should our fantasy team look like for next year. Inge, Peralta, Sizemore and Cabrera in the infield. Boesch and Jackson in the outfield along with a free agent bat in left. Rayburn and Damon as DH. Avila has come on strong, but I still think we need more of a bat at catcher. Velander, Scherzer and Porcello begin the rotation. I would fill it out with one of the Double A phenoms (Oliver or Turner) and a back of rotation FA. Perry, Zumaya, Seay, Valverde, Coke and Thomas for relief. I don't care about the last two spots in the bullpen. Rhymes and Worth as the remaining infielders.

I would also keep Dumbrowski and Leyland. DD has made a couple of horrible moves (Willis, Robertson - okay more than a few), but I think he has also more winners than losers. Jackson for Granderson, Scherzer for E. Jackson. Many of the prospects he gave up (Miller, Joyce, Jurjeins, Maybin) haven't lived up to their potential. Maybe he does get it.

I just like Leyland. Nuff said. When does spring training start up?


  1. Isn't it amazing. Here it is mid-Sept. and we are already getting excited about Spring Training. Hope lives Eternal. Will Ryhems gets a place in my infield. Ryan Rayburn has played so well this seond half that he starts in left, along with Jackson (Curtis who?) and Boesch. CATCHER has to be our number one concern, both Laird and Avilla have been disappoining. I don't think Zumaya can be coiunted on to pitch again. He and Guillen are always injured - both should be gone. Valverde has faltered - let Perry be the closer and Valverde his ste up man. I like the thoght of Phil Coke in starting rotattion. Depth is definately our key to success, We had little this year and when we had injuries we fell from first place to third rapidly.

  2. Agreed, Chuck, (and Kooch.) Depth is the problem.

    IMHO, there are NO "untradeables." last year you would have said Granderson and Verlander were "untradeable," and dumping Granderson wasn't such a bad idea (although admittedly I thought it was terrible at the beginning of the season.

    This is a team that has been consistently inconsistent.

    -Avila? When network or Texas broadcasters talk about him, they rave about his ability to block a ball thrown in the dirt as his top skill. Fine. But is that really what you want in a catcher? How about some power, some RBI's or other defensive tools. Have we forgotten Pudge that fast?

    It takes four solid starters to contend. We have one and a half. (I'll count Sherzer as half.)

    It's gonna take some more shrewd trades, and lot more money to contend.