So What Happened?

Many of us were optimistic at the outset of 2010.
The Tigers even held first place for a good chunk of May.
But it just started slipping away, and then big chunks started crashing.
Dontrelle never did find his stuff.
Porcello lost his, went to Toledo, and we all hope he's back, better and brighter than ever.

Jackson and Boesch came on like gangbusters, and then cooled.

But the final nail in the coffin might have been the season-long loss of Inge.

There was some good things; Johnny Damon, coming on and making a real contribution. Galaraga's near-perfect game, but then his inconsistence. (I could have told you that from his time with Texas.)

So the floor is now open for debate: what do the Tigers need to do to become competitive, even in this weak sister American League Central Division.

IMHO, they just don't have the horses to pull the wagon, and they never came close. They didn't have the depth of pitching they needed, they didn't have the infield depth, and they certainly weren't as full of hitting as they thought they were.

"So what do they do, Gregg?" you ask. Unfortunately, I think it's time to start over. The only position players worth keeping are Boesch, Jackson and Cabrera. They have one pitcher. For everybody else, it's time for that old T.V. favorite, "Let's Make a Deal!"

First things first, we need pitchers. The three position players I mentioned are not on the no-trade/no waiver list. In fact, they might be good bait for a few prospects.

Second, I never was a fan of the "If the bus won't start, let's shoot the bus driver" school. But maybe Leyland is getting a little long in the tooth for this job.

What would you guys do?


  1. ALL right -- I am waving the white flag. I was sooo optimistic. I kept saying that I will see you in October. Oh well. The key thing that hurt us was the injuries, followed very closely by lack of depth. Catching - get rid of both Laird and Avilla (is he still here becuase of his daddy? Victor Martinez??Pitching is respectable -- Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, and Galaraga. BYE BYE Bonderman. Too many injuries Zumaya and I think his personal life is a mess. BYe bye, Guillen and Damon. Is Will Rymes for real? Rayburn has been hot. Boesch will improve. HIs head left him down in second half -- everynody kept saying that he would slow down after All Star break he had to prove them right. I like Wells. I know Inge's contratc ios up too, but HE IS MY TIGER. Keep him. Not sure about Perralta Leyland should retire. Let's give Gibby a chance, although he hasn't been real strong in Arizona. Tyan Perry becomes the closer, let Valverde be his set up guy.
    They still have been fun this year. OU seats must be in a camera area - several folks have seen us, even on Sports Center. One day game my wife and son skipped school. Fox replayed the game at NIght and they were seen by many, but the folks didn;t realize it was a replay.
    Love the mTigers.

  2. Well the Tigers were in first place in July when Ordonez, Guillen and Inge all went down with injuries. Could Detroit had held first place if that trio had stayed healthy? We'll never know. Dombrowski has a lot of money to spend now that the contracts of DOntrelle and Bonderman will expire. Even more if he chooses not to resign Magglio. I like Detroit's chances next year.

  3. Another comment -- both Scherzer and Porcello were better pitchers aftera trip to Toledo -- so why not get rid of Rick Knapp and hire A.J. Sager from Toledo? He seems to be the guy!!

  4. I disagree that Boesch had to prove people right by slowing down in the second half. I think it's inevitable that a rookie would cool off as the season progresses and pitchers learn to exploit his weaknesses.