Taking in Trivia

Texas Rangers' Nelson Cruz tied a long-standing MLB record Friday night, with his fifth extra-inning, game winning homer of the season.

Who shares that single season record?


  1. What an easy question --
    It is held by one of our own Detroit Tigers.
    The year was 1968.
    The player was our own shortstop -- Ray Oyler!!
    NOT -- LOL

  2. That one is easy, it was Charley "Paw Paw" Maxwell who was notorious for hitting most of his home runs on Sunday. Have a great day!!!

  3. Cute, Chuck, but Bill's got it right.
    See Wikipedia
    for a great note on Maxwell. I thought "Paw paw" was thought up by George Kell, it just sounds like something he would say. But it was fabricated by none other than Van Patrick!