My Pick: the Texas Rangers

Why do I pick the underdog Texas Rangers to win the series?
Sure, there are teams like the Yankees that have more star-power, others that might have a more consistent pitching staff, and admittedly, I might sound like a bit of "homer," but this team has depth, exactly what our Tigers lack.
When the Rangers all-star Josh Hamilton went down with bruised and the broker ribs, they filled in David Murphy who has been a sheer joy to watch in the field and at the plate.
Their opening day pitcher has struggled all year, but the rest of the staff has come through well enough, lead by C.J. Wilson with 13 wins and a 3.15 ERA, and Rookie of the Year Candidate Neftali Feliz.
Speaking of potential Rookie of the Year, Have you seen this Elvis Andrus at short? Rounded out by solid position players, like Vlad Guerero, Michael Young, and Nelson Cruz, this is a deep team.
Their first challenge in the playoffs will be overcoming their inability to win on the road, where they have been playing less than .500 ball.
So gut up boys, it's time to play tough!


  1. Well as long as we're picking local teams I vote for the Rays. They have as much or more depth than the Rangers. The Twins also have a good shot. The Rangers? Sorry, Gregg. They've never won anything before and they won't start now.

  2. Hey, there's a first time for everything! (Remember, the Rays were virgins not long ago. So what if it took the Rangers longer to get to the wedding?)I didn't even mention their centerfielder, Borbon, he can hit, he can catch the ball in the deepest part of the park, and he runs like the wind.
    Rangers swept the last series they played against the Yankees, so IMHO, they are halfway to the series.
    Fine. We agree to disagree. We'll know in a few weeks who wins! (It's fun to "argue" baseball though, isn't it?)

  3. Sorry Fellas -- I have to go with the Phillies all of the way. Starting pitching, and what an infield. Saw them play Cincinnatti in June and both teams are in the playoffs. Did we miss Polanco this year? I am so looking forward to the Playoffs and the Series and to Spring Training!!