Game 1 on Wednesday

Tigers beat the Yanks by a score of 2-0. The main thing is that it was a shutout and all of the pitchers were awesome. Maybe Porcello is finally on track. And Valverde sure seems to be the real deal as our closer -- who misses Rodney or Todd Jones?? Not me! Speaking of the real deal -- Austin "Action Jackson" leads the Majors with 50 hits. and Brennan Boesch (BB) is beating the cover off the ball. Where does Guillen go when he comes back? I read in another post the Mariners may be looking for a DH.

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  1. As wonderful as the afternoon frame was, the night game was distressing. Leaving the bases loaded late in the game when the starter was clearly fading was bad enough, but when the pen came in and blew Bonderman's gem was a crying shame.
    I said it at the outset of the season, and I'll say it again: The 2010 Tigers aren't a bad team, they're just not real good.