Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson: Head hunter?

If you need a good laugh this morning, check out Will Ferrell's surprising debut with the Astros' Triple-A affiliate, the Round Rock Express:


  1. This is too funny.I am actually connected with this stunt. Reid Ryan, son of Nolan, is a dear friend of mine and pulled this off for the Round Rock team that he owns. We belong to a "society" known as the No Bats Baseball Club. See

    Billy Ray was being touted as a guy to play with us this fall in Memphis after his season is over and I have been sending updates and videos for weeks of Billy Ray to our membership in anticipation of this great debut. The videos have been taken from a distance and were very fuzzy. We, all 150 of us, were completely taken in by the stunt and we really owe Reid for this one. It was great to see that he carried it out.

  2. Tom, Tom, Tom. I'm worried about you. And Bill: It's so cool that this would catch my eye and you be be connected to it. How fun. Great gag.