Damn Verlander

Dear Gregg,
It was a late night game last night, but the Tigers won 5-1 and thier starter that you were worrying about pitcxhed a complete game; so sorry to disappont you. I know that deep down you are a true Tiger fan, but you are very skeptical with their roster. I do believe Leyland and Domborwski will keep adjusting it until they get it right. It is 162 games and I will see you in October.
Go Tigers -


  1. Damn Bonderman too -- he had a good outing today struck out 8 in 6 innings - had one weak inning, but the Tigers won again.
    See ya in October

  2. Chuck:

    Maybe Gregg is onto something. Here it is 25% of the way through the season and the Tigers are tied for first place.

  3. Chuck, you have it right, I am a Tiger fan, and I'd rather be wrong and see the Tigers win. I also stand by my previous posts: Verlander is coming around - nice to see, Porcello's a huge question mark when he pitches, Bonderman is like a ride on the wild mouse, and Willis, ah, Willis. We'd all love to see you succeed, but how long can we wait? Most good teams count on five decent starters. Tigers have two.