12 inning masterpiece - Saturday

Saturday's game against Boston was another come from behind victory. Willis did not have it. Walked 7 and before you know it we were down 6 - 1 . Then we got on our horses everyone participated. Boesch seems to be the real deal. Four hits. And to win the game on Santiago's walk off walk was fun. It is the longest game that I personally witnessed - almost 5 1/2 hours, but well worth it. They never gave/give up. And maangement is gonna find a way to win this thing (Gregg). After the game they demoted Sizemore and Scherzer - moves that are aggressive, but necessary - sends a message to everyone. See you in Ocotober!!


  1. Breath deep chuck. This is a club in serious trouble. #1 starter is just beginning to get his form. #2 (Porcello) is shaky at best, we'll see tonight. #3 (Scherzer) can't even pitch at the major league level. #4 (Willis) might be a permanent head case and gone forever. When you get excited about Gallaraga as a winning pitcher, you know it in your heart, it's over. Tigers' PR department says Guillen hasn't played in the infield for over a decade, "But it's his favorite position." Take it from this PR man, that's high grade bull...no disrespect for Hygrade Ball Park Red Hots. Should the Tigers have an injury to a key position player, or worse yet a reliever, and they sink even faster.

  2. Ahhm, Gregg. Always the optimist, eh? :)

    Cheer up: Verlander will be fine. So will Porcello. Willis a head case? No way. And what about the excellent bullpen? ANd the offense of Jackson, Magglio, Cabrera, Damon and Boesch?

    All that said, however, I believe the wild card will come out of the AL East (Yanks or Rays) so the Tigers must beat the Twins for the AL Central.

    Can they? Sure. WIll they? Time will tell.

  3. Yeah, Porcello has everything under control. four runs in seven innings today.

  4. 'Tis a long season. Even Cy Young lost a game or two.