What a Game!!

I have attended hundreds of games and watched many more on TV,
Yesterday's game was jam packed with action.
Laird's head first slide into first.
Replays seemed to show him safe - yet both laird and Leyland were tossed for their agressive arguing.
It was a seesaw battle all day. 
Fans were sitting on the edge of their seats, I sure was.
9th inning, bases loaded, Quentin Berry to the plate.
An obvious bunt situation.
Cleveland countered with the Berry shift.  Five infielders and only two outfielders.
And it worked as Berry grounded into a double play.
The the bottom of the 10th came.
The stadium was rapidly emptying out with the Tigs down by 3.
Time for some magic.
And it was there as Miggy ended the game with a walk off 2 run homer.
Giving us a 10-8 victory.
Who would have thunk?
More magic to come.
It is a team effort

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