The best seats I have ever had at an MLB game!

The perfect night for baseball.

The Ballpark in Arlington, with rightfield porch, reminiscent of Tiger Stadium
 A wee bit warm for you Yankees, (90 degrees at gametime, but here in Texas, that's cool for August.)

But these were the best seats I have ever had for a major league game. Just 10 rows behind the Tiger dugout. It was a warm evening, so all the reserves and resting starters were up, "on the porch" of the dugout, and in clear view of us lucky few. (Here you can see Sanchex, Fister, Dirks and Porcello if you look closely at the photo.)

My darling daughter, who is a huge baseball fan (wonder where she got that?) got a few tickets at work, and treated me!

Tiger fan in a sea of "Hamilton" and Kinsler" jerseys
First place Rangers against the second-place Tigers, with the ace on the mound.

Does it get any better than this? Well, the Tigers did lose in the bottom of the ninth, on a run-scoring single by Mike Olt, who we saw just a few months ago at a AA game in Frisco. 

Eat your heart out, guys!


  1. Great seats from a great daughter to a great dad!! Life is really fun!!

  2. Best seats I ever had were front row between home plate and the Tigers dugout for a 1975 game at Tiger Stadium. I saw Joe Coleman toss a complete game one-hit shutout. He yielded a hit in the first inning and that was all.

  3. I can never remember sitting in the lower deck at Tiger Stadium...ever. My dad always insisted on the Upper Deck seats....directly behind home plate...and those were usually pretty good.

    The last game I ever went to with my dad...was when he happened to be visiting here in Dallas, and the Tigers were going to be here. Got just about the same seats as Gregg's daughter did...but, on the 1st Base side (Got them from!!!)....really good....had to stay awake because of all those foul balls!