We win, the Sox win. We lose the Sox lose

We can not gather any monumentum to gain on the Sox.  They got their butts kicked yesterday.  Our Ace, Justin Verlander, has not been as effective lately -as was evidenced yesterday.  Lost 9-8 on a controversial 9th inning call on a home run.  If we want to win the division, we have to win more often - duh!!


  1. Agreed - very frustrating. But one glimmer of hope: I saw Verlander pitch a couple weeks ago, and although he didn't win, he was very sharp. Unfortunately, the bullpen couldn't hold.

  2. Let me say this about that (excuse the bad English.) Phil Coke has got to go. He blew the game last night, and he blew the game I saw in Dallas.
    The guy runs in from the bullpen like he's chasing Usain Bolt. He's as chunky as a middle-aged beer-leage catcher, and seems to have a knack for blowing games. Why do we keep him? In his three years as a Tiger, his ERA is 4.10 and he's lost three times more games than he's won over the last two years. (Although I grant you, W/L is a poor indicator of the quality of a pitcher.)
    Summary: take a pill, Phil. We can do better.

  3. Despite his W-L record, JV is having a year as good as or better than the one he had last year. Just goes to show how wins for a pitcher are overrated.