The Trade!!!

Well, it happened.  Jacob Turner, goodbye, hello Anibel Sanchez and Omar Infante.  This seals the deal for the Central Division and really sets them up for next year.  On top of that, they get a second 1st round choice in the draft next year.

The only question now is will Raburn accept an assignment to Toledo or just take his outright release?

I really like this deal even though Sanchez is a free agent at the end of the year.  The Tigers can resign him or let him go.  From what I have seen, Casey Crosby is the next starting pitching star for the Tigers.

This also says that Porcello will be around for a couple of more years.  He needs to miss more bats, he gives up way too many hits, but he is still only 23 years old in his 4th year.

Time to blow that lead wide open now.

Ichiro to the Yankees?  I love that too.  He is a New York, big time player, and will thrive in that lineup.


  1. I think it is an awesome trade!! Tow guys who will fit in our lineup immediately for two minor leaguers (Rob Brantly and Brian Flynn)and Jacob Turner. Turner could amount to something in the future, but the trade was for now. Great Trade!!

  2. Release Rayburn, maybe Oakland will pick him up.

  3. I don't like the deal. Tigers are already in first place. They should have kept Turner.

  4. You both might be right. It's a trade for today. There's nothing that says that because our boys are in first today they will stay there. They needed both Infante and the pitcher. Tom's right, Turner might be tomorrow's Smoltz. But that's hard to predict. I was very upset when we traded Jurjenns and Miller, but those guys haven't set the world on fire. Fact is, it's very hard to predict a Cy Young winner. If Infante can keep hitting around .280 and show range and a quick glove, it was a good deal. The pitcher and the draft pick are gravy. In hindsight, what did we get when we let Infante go a few years ago? I'll have to look that one up.

  5. Tigers traded Infante to Cubs for Jacque Jones, who did less than zero in a Tiger uniform. You're right that Jurjenns hasn't set the world aflame, but he has pitched well for Atlanta, and we traded him for Edgar Renteria, who played one dreadful season in Detroit.

  6. And the Tigers had a good-looking young second baseman, Scott Sizemore, but Dombrowski traded him last May to Oakland for pitcher David Purcey, who contributed so much that the Tigers released him before the end of the 2011 season.