Don't Ya love it!!

What a season!!  What a patched together team.  The player who has played the most is the infamous DL.  But through it all we are only 2 1/2 out.  Verlander is superb.  Fister was awesome last night and Scerzer is coming on.  The four and five spots in the rotation will keep giving Leyland gray hair.  The duo of Cabrera and Fielder is fun -- don't ya love watching Prince leg out anything hit to the infield.  Boesch is returning to form.  There is a bar Downriver (Three Nicks) that is selling their draft beer at wahtever price rayburn's batting average is.  Was 1.67 last night - such a deal!!  Is Galaragga still in baseball.  It is excting watching Quentin Berry play 14 for 14 with his steals!!  Glad he made the majors at 27, he must really love the game for staying in the minors so long.  All of the writers in the Free Press and the clowns on the Ticket (97.1) get paid money to analize the team and they don't know any more than I do.  Will the Tigs do anything at the trade deadline - not that far away.
Going Friday to watch Verlander mow down the White Sox.  Don't give up guys!!


  1. Let's talk trades, guys!

    I agree with much of what I read in the Freep: we need a starting pitcher. It will probably take a quality hitter and a pitcher with potential, but let's do it. Yes, it's Smolz for Alexander all over again. But I think we can afford to let go of a stick, given that our catcher will be back soon. (Didn't they say August?)

  2. I didn't get the memo. Is he going to come back at all? DH? That would make either Martinez or Delmon Young excellent trade bait for a decent pitcher. I always like James Shields, at least his last name.