Ladies and Gentlemen:  Your first place Detroit Tigers.  The sweet smell of success.  We have clawed our way back to the top.  Lots of work to do, but in the end we will be there!!


  1. That's the way Chuckles!!! Get back on that bandwagon!! They have been fine all along, they are now just getting healthy and have all of their pieces at the same time. They are easily the most talented team in the Central Division and may have the third best lineup in baseball. I love the Yankees, but they are a very ordinary team outside of Yankee Stadium where almost any fly ball has a chance to get out.

    They need to tweak a couple of things. They desperately need a second baseman so that they can put Ryan Raburn out of his misery and release him and they can use another veteran arm as a starter or in the bullpen.

    It's a long way to go, but they will pull away from here and their best tonic is that they play only Minnesota and Kansas City in their last 13 games of the season. A nice warmup for the playoffs. Verlander will win 18 or 19, but with Fister and Scherzer picking up the slack. Looking forward to seeing Castallenos play in right field in September as a preview to next year when the outfield could have two new players out there.

    The Boys Never Left!!!

  2. I agree Bill, but I never have left the bandwagon. I am NOT a fair weather fan. I have been at th egames in the 40's and 90's (not sure which I prefer). I have seen the team hot and the team cold. Through it all I have always loved the Tigs. I do question both Leyland and Dombrowski, but we are all Monday morning quarterbacks. The DL killed us early in the season and is still claiming a couple of our teammates. Have been thrilled by so many of the boys, including Quintin Berry, who finally made the majors at 27. Looking forward to lots of fun ahead. And enjoying that 1 1/2 game lead right now.