What do YOU Say?

While the polls to the right are sometimes fun, I'd like to pick your brain in a little more depth. How do you think our boys will do in the summer of 2011?
Seems like I'm always the negative naysayer, so I'll reserve my opinion. (Of course I'll hastily point out last year I was deadly accurate with the prediction of a .500 season.)
So I'll sit on my hands for several days, and let you guys voice your opnions first.


  1. The key to the Tigers is really Jim Leyland and 25 healthy athletes. Injuries hurt a lot last year. But that is why you have 25 men on a team - with another 20 or so in the farm system that get woven in and out. There are some proven commodities and lots of question marks. Sure hope Cabrera does not implode. Who is on 2nd? What about our aging ball players (Guillen, Orodnez, Inge). Will Avilla pan out? What kind of form can we expect out of Valverde - ESPN today called him on a downslide. BUt what the hell it is SPRING and I love my Tigers and can't wait to see them play.
    On a personal note -- Tomorrow (Tues.) at high noon I am having my cancer surgery so any extra prayers to the big Umpire in the sky are appreciated!!

  2. You're SAFE with the Big Guy! Chuck, hopefully this site provides you a little relief from your concerns. I follow your site (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/chuckpiotrowski) regularly, and encourage our ATC pals to do the same.

    Meanwhile, I'll reserve my negativity re: the Tigers for a few more days until more opinions are in. But I will say it's good to see Verlander throw 6 strong innings yesterday.

  3. I have had a chance to watch them the past couple of days and there is a buzz with this team. They have very strong pitching, and they know it. My bet is that Phil Coke doesn't last more than a month in the starters role and will be back in the bullpen. Look out for Oliver first, and then Turner.

    The darkhorse is Casey Crosby who missed l most of last season.

    I say that they win 87-91 and win the division by 3 games over Chicago.

  4. Chuck,

    Good luck tomorrow. It is my birthday, so you are in good shape because I am the most blessed man that has ever been born and your successful surgery would be a great gift. We'll be thinking about you and praying for you in the morning.

    Take care and God Bless