MLB Network: Is it always this bad?

I was stoked. The Tigers were tape delayed last night on MLB Network against the Phils. Stock the fridge with beer and get some peanuts.

First disappointment: the Tigers had brought the B team on a split squad day. I wouldn't get to see how chubby Miggy looked, or see the stars. Ah well, I told myself, this will be like last summer's trip to Toledo: see the stars of tommorrow.

But what really ground me was the Phillies broadcasters who acted like they were playing some high school team. Half the time they didn't even mention who the Tiger batter was, or who the new pitcher was. Grrr. Is MLB TV like this in the regular season?

Good news is, I did get to see Oliver pitch three nice innings, and Boesch smack the cover off the ball and make a stunning play in left, cutting off a runner trying to stretch a single into a double.

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  1. we switched to Comcast a couple of months ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed MLB network. Am so glad that Spring training is finally here because their programming was being rerun so many times thatI knew the script better than BoB Costas. The game two nights ago was definately slanted, but I enjoyed the interview with Polanco.
    Go Tigers! Was thrilled to be able to cast my vote for the First Place Detroit Tigers!!