I was wrong about the Texas Rangers!

You won't often hear me say this: I was wrong.

I was all set to rant this morning that Buck Showalter and the national broadcasters had it all wrong in saying the Rangers played classic "Small Ball."

Sure, they have some quick feet like Elvis Andrus, but how can you call a team that relied on the lusty power hitting of Vladimer Gurrero, Josh Hamilton,and Nelson Cruz all year "small ball?"

I would call them a balanced attack, with power, speed and good pitching making them just good enough.

But last night, seeing all 200 plus lbs. of "Bad Vlad," rounding third and heading home on what should have been a double play was almost laughable, were it not for the fact that it could have been the game winning run. (Tip of the hat to Our Resident Rays Fan, Tom, the umps really did blow the call, it should have been a double play.)Maybe this really is "Small Ball."

But congrats to Tom for being a loyal Rays fan when our Tigers couldn't be there. I love a good "Homer" for their loyalty, far more than somebody who picks the favorites. Yeah, some of you picked the Phils. Your day will come, but at least none of my friends picked the dreaded Yankees.

(Footnote: I recognize the difference between picking your "favorite" and picking who you "think" will win. But alas, this is baseball, where the heart SHOULD overrule the mind now and again. Rangers all the way!)


  1. What's that? An umpire blew a call? In the playoffs? Where only the best of the best are invited to call the games? Gee, that hasn't happened since... Monday?

    Congrats to the Rangers!

  2. Two words: Cliff Lee.

    I still think the Rays had the better team but the Rangers outplayed them in this series. Anyone else think the first round of the playoffs should be best of 7 instead of best of 5? I do.

  3. I agree -- the teams play 162 games and then anything can happen in a short series. Let them play the best of 7.