Get out the Vote!

Naw, not Tea Party, Democrat or Republican, but the little poll at right.

I post it with some fear, recognizing that I'm missing somebody, and with just five of us voting these days, it's very possbile we will spread the vote to five different choices, but it should be interesting.

I know I'm not watching all the other match-ups beyond Texas/Tampa (wife is claiming "baseball abandonment" as grounds for divorce, and we're only at the second round of playoffs.)

For example, when I asked Bill Bouie this question, he was high on San Fran Giant's Cody Ross; heck, I didn't even know he was a Tiger! I felt a little better when I looked it up and found he only played six games in the Old English D.

So feel free to smack me on this one, and say "Gregg, how could you have left out ____?!!" I won't be able to reconstruct the poll without throwing away all the votes, but it makes for interesting chat.

Looking at this list brings up a good question for next week: All things considered, which trade/sale/release (from this list) do you wish the Tigers had not done if they had it all over again? (We're not gonna beat up the John Smolz for Doyle Alexander deal again.)


  1. I had no idea Ross was a Tiger either.

    I think Granderson might have a big series vs. Texas.

  2. looking at that list I'd day none of them have had a big impact so far in the playoffs.

  3. upon further review i'd say Granderson has had the biggest impact (of the players on that list) in the first round:

    In the ALDS against the Twins he had the game-winning RBI in Game 1 and went 3-for-4 in Game 2. For the series, he hit .455 with three RBIs and a stolen base.

    Read more: Curtis Granderson's strong finish carries over into postseason | | Detroit Free Press

  4. Aubrey Huff of the Giants is also on ex-Tiger. See interesting WSJ article:

  5. My Men, Cody Ross and Colby Lewis!!!! Ex-Tigers made a great showing for the most part. Curtis, Marcus, Andres, Placido, Edgar, Aubrey. The Tigers did very well. It will be great to see the Rangers versus the Giants. I am torn on this one. The Ryan family are friends of mine and great people, and I know Bruce Bochy as well. Ok, my guess is the Rangers in six. God Bless You Josh Hamilton. He is a beast. I am glad that the MVP votes had to be cast before the playoffs, otherwise Miguel would have been blown away, although he had a GREAT season.