Ex-Tigers Play Huge Role in Playoffs and a Prediction

My Men, Cody Ross and Colby Lewis!!!! Ex-Tigers made a great showing for the most part. Curtis, Marcus, Andres, Placido, Edgar, Aubrey. The Tigers did very well. It will be great to see the Rangers versus the Giants. I am torn on this one. The Ryan family are friends of mine and great people, and I know Bruce Bochy as well. Ok, my guess is the Rangers in six.

God Bless You Josh Hamilton. He is a beast. I am glad that the MVP votes had to be cast before the playoffs, otherwise Miguel would have been blown away, although he had a GREAT season. You surely proved yourself. Keep sticking with that ginger ale.


  1. It will be an exciting Series. And the Comish was singing the praises of the Rangers all along. Nice to see the ex-tigers doing so well. And it is thrilling for Josh Hamilton. We all have our demons (mine is food) - he is on top of his game -- both baseball and the game of life. I too am rooting for the Rangers and I am not friends with Nolan Ryan, he is really somebody who is at the top of his game

  2. Like the day the Bambino called his shot! Rangers all the way!