Tigs sweep Indians

What a game today was. We were down 5-0 and 7-1 and came back to win 9-8. Baseball is a team sport. There was no hero today, lots of singles and only one double, but a hhard effort on everyone's part. Lots of credit to Bonine, who releived Verlander, and then Coke who relieved Bonine. It was a thrilling game. I am pumped and it is only the beginning of April. Scherzer pitches tomorrow. Go Tigers!!


  1. Glad the boys won, but isn't anybody else concerned about Verlander getting lit up like a Christmas tree for two starts in a row? He was supposed to anchor the rotation. But he needs 9 runs to bail him out.

  2. Concerned? No. If memory serves he got off to a slow start last year. He'll be fine.