Brennan Boesch

Well I am happy to see this kid getting his chance in "The Bigs" I first headr of him a year ago. One of his rookie cards was for sale at a show I was at. The price was cheap and the dealer said the kid was a "shoo in". So I bought the card. I then went home and researched him online. A weeird story about him is that last year during spring training he got locked in the bathroom in the dugout for 1/2 an hour.
He has hit and fiugred in the scoring in his first two gaes in the Bigs - let's hope it continues.

PS - If I had Gregg's skills I would be posting a picture here, but no such luck

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  1. I hope he does well, but the way he misplayed what looked like an easy out Saturday night didn't look so good. Maybe he's DH material?