Projected 2010 Lineup

In November 2006, Basebal lAmerica had this predicted Detroit Tigers 2010 lineup:

Catcher: Brandon Inge
First Base: Jeff Larish
Second Base: Placido Polanco
Third Base: Kody Kirkland
Shortstop: Carlos Guillen
Left Field: Curtis Granderson
Center Field: Cameron Maybin
Right Field: Brent Clevlen
Designated Hitter: Magglio Ordonez
No. 1 Starter: Justin Verlander
No. 2 Starter: Andrew Miller
No. 3 Starter: Jeremy Bonderman
No. 4 Starter: Nate Robertson
No. 5 Starter: Jair Jurrjens
Closer: Joel Zumaya


  1. WOW. Things change in a thousand days. Who was Kirkland? I still say we should have kept miller, jurrjens.

  2. I don't remember Kirkland. I agree on Jurrjens, especially since we traded him for the oseless Edgar Renteria. Miller went to the Marlins in the Cabrera trade, so I'd say that has worked out OK.

  3. Oh yeah, Miguel Cabrera, the guy who virtually single-handedly took us out of a division championship last year by going out drinking and getting into slug-fest with his wife the night before the playoff (and losing the fight.) Yeah, his numbers look good, and he's loaded with talent, but I'll be a long time forgiving him for that one. Just buy Vlad Guerrero a year at a time, and see how that works out. (Tigers coming to Texas this weekend. Watch Bad Vlad tear up Tiger pitching.)

  4. And Andrew Miller's career numbers to date: 14-21 w/ a 5.50 ERA.