So What's your take on the Fielder/Garcia/Cabrera "Scandal"

Brother Tom posted a juicy tidbit on FB a week or so ago about how Prince Fielder was in a funk last year, not just because he was going through a divorce, but teammate Avisal Garcia was having an affair with Fielder's wife. According to the story, Cabrera pulled his groin or intestinal muscle in breaking up a clubhouse brawl between the two.

The episode led to the immediate trade of Garcia, and the eventual trade of Fielder.

All very salacious. I have two questions:

Was it true? 

Why didn't the Detroit media report on it?

Perhaps if it was the product of some blogger's imagination, it doesn't warrant any media coverage. 

If it is true, I can't imagine the media covering it up. This isn't the era of Mickey Mantle's binge drinking being ignored. 

Stories of marital infidelity pop up all the time, but if this is true, it clearly had an impact on the field. 

Which tends to lead me to think this is a gross work of fiction.

What do you guys think?     


  1. I heard the same story, and I'm with you, Commish. If it happened, we would have known about it. There's no way the media would cover up something that big and that scandalous, especially in this age of tabloid journalism. It would have been plastered everywhere.

  2. I too heard the same story. If Tom, Jeff, and I heard it in three different areas, I tyhink there must be some credibility. The Garcia trade was quick. And Fielder left town relatively quick - guess we'll never know for sure.

  3. I first heard the story from a friend shortly after the trade. I said nothing, assuming it was a rumor. Later someone told me Denny McLain reported it on his radio show. After I saw the blog post, which I shared on FB, a Tiger minor leaguer said the story was false. I have no idea what to believe, but I like the trade. I think a slick-fielding SS adds more value to this team than a promising RF.

  4. Agreed on the value of the trade. Garcia might turn out to be a gem, but the Tigers infield needed work. Better D will make Porcello a much better pitcher, and will help the whole staff. I like where the Tigers are, with Nathan in the bullpen, 4 good starters. Now if we can get more timely hitting...