So, who shall we pick as the new manager?

Please, not Ozzie Guillen. One of Hugo Chavez's best buds.

Brad Ausmus is no doubt a good guy, but we don't know if he's managed a little league team, do we?

Can't we get somebody with experience?

Gibby? (I know he's currently employed, and they say he's not interested, but can't we ask him?)

Who else?


  1. Tigers need Arizona's permission to talk to Gibson. Won't happen.

  2. I like Dave Martinez. He is Joe Maddon's bench coach. He soaks up Maddon's wisdom and will be great with all of our :Latin American players!

  3. Hire someone from the outside and fire all of the current coaches (except Jeff Jones). Even the cleanest houses need a good clearing now and again. For three years in a row we've been the bridesmaid...never the bride. Time for new leadership from the dugout.