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Yes, they with the mighty bats have gone to sleep. With a 5 run lead SATURDAY NIGHT, I was scared. I sensed what their, the bosox potential was. Sadly, in that loss, the tigers gained the lead too early if you can believe that. Now, we are screwed. Prince my ass, $216 MILLION for this fatass to do jack $hit. Can you imagine getting that much money and this kind of performance? Clearly he must think he works for the government. I’d fire his ass as soon as I could show him the door for this kind of investment and return. miggy, looked like he was in A ball in Caracas for chrissakes. And the mighty Omar. What a pick up. Thanks Dave. This guy could not even get the dam ball in the outfield or even hit to the right side with a man on 3rd and less than 2, then of course later in the contest the weak dribble to second a second time he could have been a hero, and finally our wonderful head case #1, Mr. Jackson. What a wonderful addition to the power lineup. A great leadoff batter, that’s for sure. Another great move dave. Sure makes me forget that kid we had out there, what was his name, Grander--- something?? Austin of course must remind you all of Jake the joke wood. For those tiger aficionados, old #2 Jake led the team and I believe still holds the record for strikeouts in a single season. 1962 if I recall? Austin is doing his damnest to work his way up to Jake status we see.

Can you, have you ever seen such pitching by a staff, having a complete collapse by a lineup designed for power as we are witnessing?

One pitch, that’s the difference. We walk around or force poppy, even if we give up 3 in the inning, we are going to the 9th. Instead, good old goatee wockeen decides to drill one. And its over. Right before our eyes.

I was sick all night. I thought Saturday was a bad game, yesterday was worse. Today is must of course. As well as tomorrow. What team will show up is what we all wonder about. Can’t even imagine what verlander and sherzer are thinking. I didn’t think verlander had a third game in him in this postseason, a jewel, and yet, here he was, showing just what he is all about.

I complain because I am a true die hard tiger fan. And I want them to win so badly. They have been so close. Screw Boston. They have the bruins, the Celtics, of course the dynasty in the patriots. Won the series twice now in the past 5 years or so, and I think for our hometown, nothing would be better for the spirit, the economy, the overall image of our city, as much maligned it is and may seem to so many. We know as Detroiters how much this would mean for this team to do the improbable now it seems.

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  1. Leyland had Phil Coke in the pen. Ortiz is 2 for 18 lifetime against Coke. Leyland should've bought in Coke to pitch to Ortiz. I used to like Boston a lot back in the 1970s before they turned Fenway into Ye Olde Red Sox nation Theme Park and started playing Neil freaking Diamond.

    Jackson had a good season. So did Fielder. Anyone can struggle in the playoffs. Trading Granderson was the right move: we got Austin Jackson and Max Scherzer. Granderson had one or two good years hitting in Yankee Stadium but injury and age have hindered him since. And I like Granderson, one of the nicest guys in baseball I've ever met,