Apologies, apologies

   First off, my apologies for being away so long. I still love the Tigers, still love ya'll. Life just in the way this season. But I'm itching to talk baseball with my best baseball buddies.

Why does Leyland put Cabrera at third tonight?

I'm certain that Miggy, being the competitor he is, says he's fine. But hey, let's get serious, he's been in pain most of the summer. Somehow he's doing a Ty Cobb impression (plus power) anyway.

Give the guy half a loaf. Let him DH. We all want him to get a second Triple Crown.

But we've got a big lead over the Indians, the games between now and the playoffs mean little. And Miggy is the kind of guy that can carry us through the playoffs.

If I were in charge, I'd play him sparingly for the rest of the season.   


  1. Actually the games mean something. If we have best record in AL we get home field advantage and play the wild card in first round.

    1. I agree with playing MIggy sparingly. if we get home field advantage and he is unableto play at even 90% what is the use.

  2. miggy knows better than anyone his physical capabilities. if he can play, and we know he has the competitiveness, he will. leyland istn going to risk blowing this yet another time with this team.
    my concern is the mega million man, jv. hes fallen off the wagon as they say. and i dont see him coming back this year. the control, the velocity, the confidence is leaving with each outing. guy may just be burned out, or, others have figured him out. but verlander is key. miggy will be ready. we knwo that. if anything, start him, by the 5th, take him out.

  3. I didn't get to watch the game, but the box score said Miggy went 0 fer 4. Playing him may actually further endanger the Triple Crown, if he's not hitting.

    As for JV, didn't he have a good outing the other night?

    In general, I think it's time to ease off the accelerator a bit. Maybe give him an extra day's rest now and then, give Smyly a start.

    As Chuck said, Home field advantage won't mean much if we're too banged up to win.