Cmon JIm: Rayuburmn and Garcia

We got to within two (now three) of the Sox with players like Andy Dirks, Brennan Boesch, even Quintin Berry.  Now, in the most important game of the year we start Garcia and Rayburn.  How many more times are we gonna hear Jim say, "I gotta get Rayburn going offensively."
We are down, but not out!
Let's go with our everyday horses.  Is he gonna sit Cabrera for Rayburn?  Of course not, Rayburn should be done!!
We're all behind our baseball team .....


  1. (posted for our pal, Jim Domzal)

    Chuck, fagetaboutit. it's over. they've stopped playing for Jimmy.I told you in April watch out for these pale hose now that the illegal was no longer managing them. Ventura for manager of the year.and Jimmy? well his days should be over in my opinion

  2. While I root for the Tigers, and will always be a fan, I agree with Jim.

    It's over.

    It really hurts, cause this team has so much potential. I don't get to watch the games much, but Garcia isn't the problem. I think there's room for him. (National television is a clear indicator of the media's opinion of a team's chances. The Tigers are not getting the coverage they once were on ESPN, or even WGN is not covering this week's series.)

    The problem is in the dugout.

    Nevertheless, I continue to root, root, root for the "home team."