1/2 game out

Does it get amy better than this??  And then there is the schedule - it is definately in our favor with Oakland and LA clawing for a -playoff spot while Minny and KC are ready to go home!!

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  1. (Posted on behalf our pal, Jim Domzal)

    any better???? minny ready to go home? yeah, home plate. what a joke. just incredible ineptitude. they don’t deserve this division by the way they are playing. I just don’t get it. watching this is taking days off my life, I swear. any time I get excited about the prospects, they pull this kind of $hit. two at home, to the twinkies. unbelievable. and this club here has the wheels fall off and our tigers just cant seem to light the fire. where is the outburst needed by say a Cabrera, a verlander, a Leyland. someone needs to blow. to ignite the flame. its theirs for the taking, incredibly, after being down 3 last Monday. they SAW the white sox score for God sake, they KNEW they lost. how do you score 8 on Saturday, and a combined 5 on Sunday. 2-1 in 10. I give up.