Less than 2 weeks before Opening Day

Ok my fellow arm chair managers....
With Rayburn's phenomenal hitting, does he get the start at 2nd over my beloved Inge?
Will cabrera be ready?
Is DH really a rotating position or has Delmon earned that spot with his spring?
If Delmon is DH, does Rayburn move to LF.
Has Jackson improved his strikeout problem?
Who will that 5th starter be?
Is this the year Leyland quits smoking??
What say ye??????


  1. Rayburn deserves to start at 2B. Inge simply cannot hit.

    Cabrera will be ready, although he might start at DH if his face is still healing.

    Keep Delmon in LF most games. Let Cabrera, Fielder and Delmon take turns at DH.

    Jax will cut down on his Ks. Look at his stats compared to Granderson's over their first two full seasons in the big leagues: almost identical K totals.

    5th starter still up for grabs. At this point I'd say Drew Smyly has looked best of the candidates.

  2. Whats that?? someone actually talking baseball on here, all i see is a bunch of pictures (although they are nice pics). seasons about to start and im looking foreward to it! i got a bet with a buddy that cabrera wont start more then 40 games at 3rd and i think im safe

  3. Keith, I bet your buddy is right.

  4. im willing to bet he will play less then 40 games at 3rd this year. although i heard leyland talking about when he moved bobby bonillia to 3rd that year for the pirates and he is about the same size as cabrera, but then again that was the national league with the no dh. we are gonna see him at 3rd a handful of times, the rest will be be him and fielder rotating at dh/first base

  5. Tom's predictions about the lineup are right on.
    -Rayburn at second
    -Tigers have so much talent, they don't need to commit one player to DH. Cabrera might start the season there, but everyone will get a shot, depending on who needs a rest, injuries, starting pitcher, etc. It's not going to be a problem
    -The Tigers problem is pitching. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Sherzer isn't that great. I don't think they have a legit fourth starter, let alone a fifth. Let's hope some of the kids delight and surprise us.

  6. I talked to one of the Tigers' minor league pitchers Saturday and he said the problem w/ Scherzer is you never know which one will take the mound, the one who dominates hitters or the one who makes you wonder why he's on a major-league roster. I know it's just spring training but Porcello has looked excellent down here. Fister is temporarily sidelined w/ a blister on his throwing hand but he looked good before that happened. With the Tigers' offense I think they have a decent pitching staff. If no one (probably Below or Smyly at this point) claims the #5 job look for Dombrowski to make a deal.