Gregg's poll!

OK, how bout after voting for who will win the NL Central, you create a poll using the same teams and ask: Of these six teams, which one is in the NL East? Hahaha. Too funny, Gregg. Your timing was so perfect, coming on the heels of the "early Alzheimer's" comment! No worries though. We'll figure it out!


  1. Ouch! That cuts to the quick, given that I was using the MLB web site to build that list!

    I'm thinking about putting the Hanshin Tigers in the National League West.

  2. Its a miracle. Gregg has found a cure for Alzheimer's. The teams listed are, in fact, in the NL Central. No Easties.

  3. So true! I was wrong, Gregg. The Pirates (a former East team) are, in fact, in the Central, despite the fact that they are east of Atlanta, an East Division team. Good lord! I knew that -- and apparently forgot. Is Alzheimer's contageous?!