Dombrowski says he has trade lined up for Galarraga

By Tom Gage, The Detroit News

DETROIT – The Tigers appear to have a taker for Armando Galarraga.

Even Tigers' president and general manager Dave Dombrowski, who almost never labels a trade as "likely," said on Saturday at TigerFest that a deal is likely.

But that -- plus saying it could happen by midweek or sooner – was as far as Dombrowski would go.

He wouldn't say where Galarraga might go or for whom – although it's known that Pittsburgh has some interest. But just saying what he said is an indication the deal might already be done.
Galarraga, of course, became expendable when the Tigers signed Brad Penny to a one-year contract as a starting pitcher. At that point, Dombrowski said he would try to trade Galarraga – and it appears that attempt has been successful.

Galarraga was 4-9 for the Tigers last year, but won just two of his last 21 starts after missing out on a perfect game because of Jim Joyce's wrong call at first base on June 2.



  1. Is it me, or does the old baseball adage say you can never have too much pitching? Apparently, the Tigers think that's baloney. Let's hope that gamble doesn't come back and bite them. While I love the Penny signing, we can't be sure how long he'll last. Holding my breath on this one...

  2. Well it depends on who we get for him, but I share your misgivings.

  3. Remember last year at this time we thought we had too much pitching and that was so false. Scary. I sure hope Porceloo rebounds from an off sophmore year -- he could hold the key.

  4. well he is gone to the Diamondbacks for a couple of young arms. Certainly the stats from Tom Gage's article are good enough reason for him to be gone. Have to wish him good luck. What a classy guy, who turned a horrible call into a good situation