Here's John Hiller warming up this morning before he and other former Tigers played the campers at the second Tigers Fantasy Camp. His teammates included Mickey Lolich, Juan Berenguer, Dave Rozema, Frank tanana, Steve Kemp, Ike Blessit, Walt Terrell, Jim Price, Jon Warden Guillermo Hernandez and Mike Heath. For more pictures see ://
Check back in a day or two as I'll add more photos.

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  1. Wow Tom -- what a talent and a gift you have? Those pictures were awesome and a great way to start my Sunday -- brought back so many memories. My dad went to high school with Tananna's grandpa - they called him Tananna the bananna. A fellow BK franchisee went to school with Frank - his stories are limited other than they raised lots of hell! Did you actually go to the camp yourself? I would love to but it is so costly, and I am too old and out of shape.
    Fr. Prus went two years ago and sent out his card at Christmas time. A little disconcerting to see Lolich with a cigarette, but it is what it is.
    Loved the black and white of the campers standing around listening to someone. When my daugther went to her first game, twenty years ago - she wondered when she would get her free baseball. Her brother got one the previous year from Herbie the groundskeeper. I explained to her that doesn't happen. Just then Willie - Gullermo - came to the bullpen adn handed her a ball. She gave it back to him asked his to sign it and then turned around - the sassy thing and stuck her tongue out at me and said, "I told you so".
    I also have a copy of that album, Year of the Tiger -- mine is signed by Ernie and Al. So thnks for the pics and letting me reminisce.