The Big Trade

Haggerty and I Facebooked about it most of the day yesterday, Guess we'll invite ya'll to give your two cents.

Dombrowski should be charged with grand larceny! #5 starting pitchers and .250 centerfielders are plentiful. A gem like Price is rare.

Sure the Tigers could have used a relief pitcher. Should this lineup could use more runs lately. But this is what was available, and he got it!

The next major challenge will be to figure out how to tell Verlander he's not starting in the World Series.  Last night was good, but we need consistent pitching post season.

As long as we're talking trades, Red Sox hosed Oakland. Sure the A's need a pitcher, but their rotation is already pretty good, and they just traded away a player of the future in Cespides.

You kinow you're in a loser market (me in Dallas) when they spend half the game talking about the trades instead of the game. (Rangers lost 12-2)

The broadcasters said even with his relatively low average, when Cespides is in the game, the A's are at a .632 clip. Without him, a little below .400.  

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