Am I the only one who doesn't like "The Trade?"

Nope. Headline in the Dallas Morning News today - "Mega-deal looks like a mega-steal for the Rangers."

I'll grant ya, I don't generally like change. I didn't like the Granderson trade, but I'm OK with it now. I didn't like the Harvey Keunn for Rocky Colavito trade, but I got over it. Of the three DMN columnists talking about the trade, two of them thought it was a great one for the Rangers.
Don't kid yourself, Kinsler is no longer an All-Star second baseman. He's been getting hurt a lot, and although he's fairly fast for an older guy, he got caught stealing a lot.

But I guess what I like least about the trade is what the facts are about Fielder. He isn't what he used to be either. That's been a fact for the two years he's been with the Tigers - he hasn't been what he used to be in Milwaukee. He was certainly good at protecting Cabrera in the lineup. But it seems like pitchers were afraid of a phantom. 

So maybe Martinez can fill that role. Maybe moving Cabrera back to first, and giving Castellanos a chance at third is a good idea. 

Maybe it is the best we can do. But I don't have to like it.

Now go get some relief pitching, boys. That's what we really need.  


  1. Fielder had two solid seasons at the plate for Detroit, and his presence was a big reason Cabrera had two monster seasons at the plate, but Fielder struggled in the playoffs and looked emotionally uninvolved against Boston. I don't care who they got fir him because they can use the money they save to extend Cabrera and or Scherzer or buy a free agent outfielder. Plus they can move Cabrera to 1B to help him avoid injury and put phenom Nick Castellanos at his natural position, 3B.

  2. Great deal for both teams. Tigers save $76M, add a leadoff hitter with some speed, and have lots of flexibility. Now they need to decide who plays 1st, 3rd, and left field. Do not rule out Jhonny Peralta coming back to play 3rd if Miggy does move to 1st base. More than likely Castellanos is going to play 3rd and they will sign a big name or trade for someone to play left. They still have Porcello or Fister to trade. Another wildcard, Curtis Granderson coming in to play left. I would like to see them make a run at Matt Kemp for Porcello. I love this time of year. There are more big deals coming!!!!

    1. Tom: UR right-Fielder had two "solid" seasons at the plate, but his salary was way beyond "solid."
      Bill-Granderson coming back to play left would be, well, Grand!
      I wouldn't spend a lot of money to have Peralta at third. Let's give the kid a chance.
      I know I was all for trading Porcello in the spring, but that was shen we had Fielder, Peralta and Cabrera in the infield. With an infield that has some range, Porcello could do a lot better.
      IMHO, we are desperate for relief pitching, especially a closer. How about Joe Nathan from the Rangers?

  3. I think it was an OK trade. A big plus for the Tigers was getiing out from under that stupid contract they gave Fielder two years ago. Put Cabbie back at first, bring up the new kid for third and it's a good looking infield for 2014. If Kinsler gets hurt...well...that's why the guys on the bench are getting paid.

  4. BTW....I still don't think you're really over the Colavito trade:-)