2nd Base??

The Comissioner said something about each of us tackling a position.  He is so organized and has stats and research to back up what he says.  Me?  I go with gut instinct.  The season saw many 2nd basemen.  Brandon Inge (gave up 3rd for the MVP) before he was banished to Oakland, Ryan Rayburn before he was banished to parts unknown, Ramon Santiagop - a steady back up.  And then my mind went blank.  For the life of me I could not remember who the 2nd baseman was.  What does that tell ya?  It tells me that whoever the heck it is could be expendable.  I cheated and found out that it was Omar Infante.  He was just OK in my book.  He was one of the few hitters in the World Series (.316).  Could we live with him in 2013 - sure.  Is there somebody else out there?  I don't know.  32 days till pitchersand catchers report!!


  1. No genius here. for all stats you can use http://www.baseball-reference.com/

    a neat resource.

    excuse no caps. broke my arm this weekend.

    might have been worth it when i asked the doc "is my major league baseball career over?"

    he got all confused and flustered.

    re 2b: no, infante is not essential, but better than the who's on second game we played early in 2012.

    meanwhile, dallas baseball writer evan grant says kinsler doesn't want to move to first, rumors Andrus might be good trade bait, with profar behind him. c'mon tigers, let's make a deal!

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  3. what did anonymous say to have his comment removed??

  4. he included a link to porn. On second thought, maybe we could get more participation with a little spice...

    On third thought, nah.