"Same old song, just a different beat..."

Well, at least Miggie isn't misbehaving on the eve of a playoff game, and he didn't get into a fight with his wife; this time it was a cop.

But really, it's time to move on from this one-ring circus. With his talent we should be able to acquire a top quality starting pitcher. Let's make a deal.

This is just too much of a distraction.


  1. I disagree. If we try to trade him now we won't get a fair deal.Teams will know we want to unload him. He'll be fine adn have a great year.

  2. Tom - I hope you are right about him having a great year.
    My thinking, though, is more like Gregg's. Miggy is an accident waiting to happen. He is a valuable asset to some team - have t find the right team. What about the St. Louis Cardinals. Their inability to resign Pujols this off season leads me to believe that they will have difficulty resigning him period. Illitch has the cash. MIggy's numbers are not as great, but he is younger. Give Pujols that 10 year deal and everybody lives happily ever after. Except I know it is more coplicated than that, but worth a thought.