Gregg's Latest Poll

Well it's almost time for the real season to begin. I think Gregg's poll leaves lots of room for everyone's opinion. I voted for the Tigs to win their division. I am optimistic this Spring (usually am). Wonder if Willis and/or Robertson will fill the gaps in the starting rotation. Also hoping that our two new outfielders and second baseman will perform like we want them too. Hope Laird gets some offensive, his defense is fine. Hope Inge has a great season. And then there's the bullpen. I can hear Ernie reading his poem -- sure hope he is at peace, what a life he has lead. Not going to Opening Day unless I can find tickets, but I will be there the next day.


  1. I agree: the poll leaves much to be desired in the area of discussion. But frankly, old pal, that's about all I agree with you on. While I hope big hopes, the Tigers just have too many holes and question marks (you mention but a few) to be seriously considered a contender. I'm no major league GM, but IMHO, the average pennant winning season is something of a fluke for most teams-everything must go just right. Only rich teams like Boston on N.Y. can count on being perennial contenders, and even they face each other.
    It's gonna be Chicago or Minnesota.

  2. Well we will reread these posts in October, when the Tigers are traveling to Yankee Stadium for the playoffs. And I believe Ozzie Guillen will flip out and get fired and not finish the season with the Sox.
    PS What does IMHO stand for?